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Blue Roll is a digital resource that specializes in the production and distribution of video content. Our goal is to increase brand awareness with individuals, businesses, and non-profits who have a genuine desire to engage their community.

Founded in March of 2018, Blue Roll originated with a desire to release creative energy by Nathanael Tyre Conway. Since our inception, we began by driving attention to our community in Wilmington, NC.

The first video campaign we produced was with "Just Cut It Barbershop," since then, we've created several videos for the barbershop that have yielded remarkable results. This partnership, along with many others, propelled Just Cut It Barbershop to increase sales by 100% month over month in 2018 and become one of the leading Black-owned barbershops in Wilmington, NC. From this campaign, we committed to producing videos for New Hanover Regional Medical Center's "Barbershop Initiative" project. We were responsible for recording, directing, and producing video campaigns from four different local Wilmington barbershops. We provided multiple videos for this initiative and assisted NHMRC in leading above 300 community members to essential medical treatment (heart pressure, flu shots, etc.)

Following the success of this campaign, we provided countless full content production and social media consulting services to the "Dancin' in the Park" Initiative at Portia Hines Park by NHRMC Health Equity Department. After months of successful dancing Saturdays and over 500 yearly participants, the campaign shifted. We discovered that more than 25 years ago, the City of Wilmington withdrew funding for the lights and restrooms at the park. We began focusing our efforts to bring water fountains, bathrooms, and lighting to Portia Hines. In July of 2019, the City Council of Wilmington approved funding to give back what was taken from Portia Hines so long ago.

Since then, we've worked with the YWCA on the 34th Annual Women of Achievement Project, Connected by Cause at TekMountain hosted by Joe Finley, Champions for Children's Gala with Community Boys and Girls Club, Wrightsboro Elementary School, Friends School of Wilmington, and many other local Wilmington businesses. We set goals with all clients to understand, connect, and engage with their community instead of merely marketing to them. Companies can be personal. We are proud to have begun our service in Wilmington, NC, and are excited to expand further.



Video Series

This service is for businesses that need more visual exposure. Blue Roll will produce six videos within six consecutive months. Price subject to change with long term or more detail-oriented projects. Two hours of filming per month. Videos filmed from two angles and delivered to the client with editing completed with color coding and audio engineering (if applicable).


Create by the hour - Most Popular

A different kind of one-on-one media service that adjusts to your specific needs. If you take a more active in your business/brand and you only need that extra boost, this service is your style. Ask for a conversation and mentioned our hourly rate sheet. You get to choose how you want to create.


Social media management

For businesses in need of community growth. For consecutive six months, we'll discuss branding, strategy, beginning and ending social media statistics, and post weekly, and engage with your community for the business on agreed social media.



He comes from the small town of Wilmington, North Carolina but was never small-minded. Independent would be the perfect word to describe this artist. Self-taught in music production (songwriting, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering), His tenacity and eagerness to better himself is a force to be reckoned with. H.U.E.Y, born and raised in the south, always had a hunger for more. Music has always been a part of his life but like most people who go against the grain, chasing a dream toward a music career, he faces substantial pushback. This pushback is the backbone for the kind artist the H.U.E.Y is. The kind that fights for the outcasts and those that feel displaced because they identify with who they are. So, take a second to get to know the young and ambitious H.U.E.Y because you never know, you might be able to relate to him. Take a listen.


I’m the type of person that you’ll never be able to guess who I am and what I do, I feel comfortable in the background but I’m also not afraid of putting myself out of my comfort zone or being the center of attention. You could say that I am comfortable being uncomfortable. I got involved in photography and videos when I got my hands on a camera that my father had bought for the family as a Christmas present. I would take that camera and mess around with it; seeing what settings did what, the difference between an Auto and a Manual focus picture, and finding out what the heck FPS was. Before long, I found myself always looking at certain settings, objects, etc. and wondering “I bet you that would make a great picture.” And as I grew older, so did my love for photography. Thus, has led me to where I am today. #Always60FPS


My name is Jeremiah Conway. I graduated in 2018 from Hoggard HighSchool and began following my career as a musician. I slowly began developing myskills in social media, marketing, and business and now work on my studio label. I enjoythe constant engagement with my fans and clients, working to the best of my ability tomake sure what I create it great!



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Creative Director: Nathanael Tyre